Brexit, Beer and Irn-Bru- MEU Scotland 2019

What is the European Union? Conversely to the British voters becoming curious about the European Union, suddenly I started to ask myself one question. What is the United Kingdom? Therefore, shortly before a nation decided to leave, I decided to follow a unique offer to visit this famous and sometimes goofy island. Eventually, my way led me Glasgow in Scotland. Meanwhile, others keep on squabbling to leave MEU Scotland made me to return over again.

Model European Union aims to bring Europeans together, as this project united my hometown of Nuremberg and Glasgow even closer together. Those simulations are the best ways to learn and laugh, what the project of European Union is all about. If you have ever fought for the rights of Hungarian carp industry or negotiated a new trade deal over a fried pizza, suddenly you see things differently. If you have been summoned as legislative service over a pint, suddenly you start to understand what unites people from all over Europe. Apart from learning about the mechanism of legislation, here skills in public speaking and foremost intercultural competences are trained and enhanced. Also, often a meme can mean more than 1000 words.

In a time of Euroscepticism MEU is the perfect platform to experience Europe with all emotions. Here, I found friends for life from all over Europe. Especially, as a lesson from Brexit this project taught me, to be curious and open minded about the various facets of 28 members. MEU envisages to bring together Europeans from the most diverse backgrounds, as here it becomes not just understandable, here you feel, what is meant by being united in diversity.

When a nation decides to leave, the commission says: here is a hand my trusted friend, as the basis for the future prospect of the European Union is based profoundly on friendship.

Thanks Gary and Liam for giving me the chance to attend all editions of MEU Scotland. Cheers!

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