A big bang of enlightment

European Forum Alpbach 2020 Speakers Night Contribution Stephan Raab

Provided with a scholarship from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research for the European Forum Alpbach 2020, I was taking part in the speakers night, organized under the patronage of the IG Alpbach Graz. The topic was BIG BANG.

May I ask you a question? Everything started with a big bang. Today it seems, that there is new kind of big bang, a predicted “explosion of intelligence”. Algorithms and machines become ever more intelligent, but facing machine learning, what is left for us as humans to learn?

Here are three lessons to be learned about lifelong learning in times of machine learning:

  1. Ask what, in other words be curious. In order to learn you have to enjoy what you learn, be open to discover. Machines function on purpose, human beings learn by discovering what they find interesting and what they like.

2. Ask how, in other words be creative. Try to express your thoughts and ideas in what ever way you like. Express your emotions, as machines function but don´t feel.

3. Ask why, in other words be a critical thinker. Different than machines, human beings can be conscious, asking for the roots and reasons behind. Therefore, always ask yourself, what are the impacts of technology on you, on me on mankind as a whole.

Facing an ever-increasing power of artificial intelligence, don´t teach artificial knowledge, but human values.  Be curious, be creative, be a critical thinker, as what to be learned from machine learning is to learn becoming a smart person, that we, as human beings, will not be outsmarted by machines in future.

For further essays about AI, Machine Learning and Digitalisation please visit Politik Digital.

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